Groton: Koto Japanese Steakhouse

Koto Japanese Steakhouse
527 Long Hill Rd.
Groton, CT 06340

No offense to those working hard in the restaurant biz, but Southeastern CT is certainly not the culinary mecca of Connecticut. As far as places you can go to dinner with kids and still get a decent meal goes, there are very few options worth the money. Koto is one of those places – a delicious meal cooked fresh in front of you makes a meal here more like dinner and a show.

I have been to Koto a number of times since moving here 6 years ago, and it has been one of the most enjoyable and reliable restaurants in the area with consistently good food and a high level of customer service. This last visit in particular I was part of a large party, so we were able to use Koto’s private party room. If you are looking to host an event, keep them in mind – the room has 4 hibachi tables (where the chefs will come cook for your party simultaneously) and room to mingle. They can even prepare a special menu for your guests, helping you stay in budget! You don’t need to be invited to a party to enjoy yourself here though, they are ready to serve up some amazing hibachi any time, whether you are a party of 2 or much more. Outside of the hibachi tables are normal booth style tables, a sushi bar, and a bar for drinks so if you aren’t a fan of hibachi don’t count them out – their menu covers several different Asian cuisine options – check it out here - .

On this visit we did enjoy selections from the hibachi menu, Salmon with fried rice and Steak with noodles. All hibachi dishes come with soup (clear soup) and salad (with a ginger dressing), your choice of starch (white rice, fried rice, noodles), veggies and your protein. Everything besides the soup and salad is prepared right at your table by a skillful and entertaining hibachi chef. Whether you are into interacting or not, you will enjoy yourself – there is little pressure to participate and the chefs are good at reading people’s moods.

Sushi and other menu items are available at the hibachi tables if your group has varying tastes. Reservations are welcome – and recommended on busy nights – as well as walk ins. Keep an eye out for coupons, especially buy one get one free deals that are often available in the local CT coupon magazine. They also offer varying discounts throughout the week – Mon -Thurs is 10% off for military, Tuesday is 10% for casino employees, Wednesday is 10% for EB and Pfizer and Thursday is a college student discount. We would recommend Koto for your next dinner out with the family or alone, you won’t be disappointed!

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