Groton: Sushi Kawa

Sushi Kawa
507 Gold Star Hwy (Route 184)
Groton, CT 06340

Favorite Feature: Bento box with sushi and sashimi




If you want to eat delicious sushi in a casual, family-friendly restaurant, then you need to check out Sushi Kawa in Groton. This Japanese/Chinese fusion restaurant features a sushi bar and a hibachi grill, one of the few in the SE CT area.

I had dinner at Sushi Kawa earlier this week and did not bring the whole family. I did notice however there were many children in the restaurant, including a large party in the back who had babies with them in infant car seats. Clearly this restaurant welcomes families of all ages. The atmosphere is comfortable, the menu is extensive, and the food is tasty. When walking in the restaurant you’ll notice a sushi bar on the right, the main dining area straight ahead, and the hibachi in the back. The dining room was nearly full when we visited and it was in the middle of the week, so I can imagine the place being a full-house on the weekends.

First off, I ordered a thai tea which came in a large glass and it was delicious. For dinner I had the “Eggplant with Garlic Sauce” dish in the Woked section of the menu. I ordered it with beef and it was served with white rice. The portion-size was perfect for me, but would not be enough for 2 people to share unless they ordered another main dish. My dining partner, and co-creator of this website, ordered the bento box for dinner and it looked amazing. You can get it with 2 main items and it comes with white rice, california rolls, ika salad, deep-fried shumai, and miso soup. At $16.95 you might consider the dish expensive, but if you decide to choose sushi and sashimi as your main 2 items, it is a great deal for all the fresh seafood served with the meal.

Excuse the poor lighting, my cell phone does not do justice for the beautiful sushi in this bento box.

The restaurant features 2 sections on its menu for kids. One for regular meals and one for hibachi meals. They have various choices on the regular menu like fried shrimp, fried pork gyoza, or even chicken tenders. The price of the meal changes depending on whether you order 1, 2, or 3 different items, but they all include a drink. The kids hibachi menu offers smaller portions of the regular hibachi meal and you can choose from different meats like chicken, steak, salmon, etc. My advice would be to order non-kids meals however as there’s not much difference between the price of the kids menu items and regular menu items.

Sushi Kawa also offers a lunch menu section for their regular meals, bento boxes, and hibachi. You may want to consider trying lunch here first, as the prices are a bit more reasonable. For dinner, I would say the items are a higher-priced than a typical Chinese or Japanese restaurant, but for a place with a sushi bar and hibachi grill it’s to be expected. Also, when the restaurant is full, expect to wait about 15 minutes for your food after ordering.

Sushi Kawa - Hibachi on Urbanspoon

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