Waterford: Lowe’s Build & Grow

 Lowe’s Home Improvement
167 Waterford Parkway North
Waterford, CT 06385

Favorite Feature: Mini-tools for small hands!


Last Saturday my daughter and I participated in our first session of Lowe’s “Build and Grow” program at the Waterford Lowe’s store. I was nervous at first, thinking of a small child with a hammer and nails and my hands so close to all three, but I was surprised to find it went amazingly and seemed to for everyone else in attendance as well. No injuries, no tears (from parents or children), no negatives anywhere. In short, Lowe’s build and grow is pretty awesome.

With this program you are actually building a small wood craft, so it is something to do with a child who is interested, because if they aren’t, you will be building a small wooden craft and hoping your uninterested companion isn’t wandering away at a Lowe’s store. The projects require a good amount of attention and fine motor skill to complete so we suggest skipping this if you don’t think your child would be interested or if they have a hard time staying in one place to finish a task, since the set up is an open area by an exit to the store and near large shelves full of dangerous things.

The clinics require you register online previous to the date and arrive on time -they take place at 10AM on Saturdays – with your signed waiver (immediately available for printing once you register, as well as emailed to you prior to the date) to the customer service desk. There, your child will be given their FREE apron, project kit, and googles, as well as a loaner hammer they can use to complete to project. They have large wooden stacks set up nearby for you and your child to work on your project.

The day we went, the project was a “Lowebot”, which is a car that turns into a robot. Now I have done a few home improvement projects and built some IKEA furniture, but I am not a skilled craftsman. I was really banking on the fact this was geared towards kids. Lucky for me, the project was very simple and easy to complete.

The project kit includes very clear easy to follow pictured and written instructions (in english and spanish), and ours had all of the holes for nails pre-drilled, which made it easy for a little person to assemble. I was pleasantly surprised at how little I actually had to help.

In about 20-30 minutes time, we had a completed Lowebot that I am 99% sure was done correctly. Once your project is finished, you and your child bring it over to the desk, return your hammer and show them what you made! Then, your child will be given a patch to acknowledge their completion of the project as well as a certificate of completion. The patch goes on their apron, so that they can show off all their accomplishments and add to it at future kid clinics.

Our Lowebot is still holding strong even with all the love it has received a week later.

There are 3 more clinics coming up in February and March, and registration is open now for the “Wheel of Love”, a Valentine’s Day themed project. You must register your child online before the date. Just follow this link, enter your zip code (06385) and click the yellow register button. Registration for each program opens a few weeks beforehand, so check back if you want to try one of the later dates. There are only a certain number of kits available, so make sure you register your child beforehand!

Not in the Waterford area? Your store may still offer these! Just put in your zip code to find the closest Lowe’s with kid’s clinics near you.



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74 Responses to Waterford: Lowe’s Build & Grow

  1. jessie says:

    i’m totally taking lyla! great idea!

  2. jessie says:

    should i be worried it says 5 and older and then not for kids under 3! :)

    • Therese says:

      Before attending I didn’t realize the kits were for ages 5 and up, so I brought my almost 3 year old and she did a great job with it. I would just use your own discretion and if you think your little one can handle it, try it out!

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